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Gesiva Vacuum Therapy System® Kit

The Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System® is in a class of products called “external penile rigidity devices” by the US Food and Drug Administration or, in more general terms, “vacuum devices”, “vacuum erection devices”, or “penis pumps”. 

Gesiva Medical

What are the benefits?

There are three different general categories of vacuum devices: cheap devices sold through the Internet or adult stores, mid-priced models that offer some improvements over the cheaper devices, and medical grade devices. Medical grade devices are more expensive than other types of vacuum devices but they are fully compliant with the FDA’s requirements for safety and effectiveness. Medical grade devices also generally have superior warranties and more generous customer service policies that are important considerations for those who will be using this kind of device for medical purposes.

Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System Kit

The Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System is the only medical grade vacuum device that has been designed and developed in the last decade. It incorporates design insights and product improvements gained through years of direct contact with thousands of patients using vacuum devices. The device can be used to create and/ or maintain penile rigidity adequate for sexual intercourse. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), including ED following treatment for prostate cancer can also use the Vacuum Therapy System.

Vacuum Therapy Systems are simple to use and have been in use for over 30 years with no report of serious injury with proper use. However, some patients should not use these kinds of devices and misuse of the device or the tension rings can cause pain or result in permanent injury to the penis. For your safety, it is important to read the entire User Guide that comes with the product before using this device. To learn more, click here.

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