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RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System

A non-invasive ambulatory diagnostic tool used to measure the frequency, rigidity and duration of both nocturnal and provocative erections.

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RigiScan® Background

It is generally recognized that healthy men have somewhere between 3 and 6 erections every evening. Because the penis is one of the only parts of a man’s body where there is skin, but no muscle under the skin, most experts in the field of sexual medicine believe that nocturnal erections are the body’s method of keeping the tissues inside the penis healthy. In other words, nocturnal erections are likely the way the body “exercises” the penis so that the penis is healthy enough for sexual activity when the opportunity presents. 

The System

The RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System is a non-invasive ambulatory diagnostic tool used to measure the frequency, rigidity and duration of both nocturnal and provocative erections. RigiScan® testing can be quite helpful in differentiating between organic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction. RigiScan® test results can also provide important insight that helps health care professionals determine how to best initiate treatment for erectile dysfunction. This insight can lead to better initial treatment and improved outcomes when managing a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The RigiScan® Plus

Testing may be conducted in a stand-alone ambulatory mode or in a real-time monitoring mode when connected to computer. This device provides a graphical and tabular display of base and tip penile rigidity and tumescence data for the health care professional’s interpretation. Gesiva Medical is proud to be the exclusive authorized representative for RigiScan® in the United States. The RigiScan® instrument is a precision diagnostic instrument that has been used by sexual medicine experts for decades. Most major teaching institutions and sexual medicine specialty centers will have a RigiScan® Plus instrument or can coordinate testing for individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you are a health care professional who would like more information about the RigiScan® system, please click here. If you are a patient who is interested in RigiScan® Plus testing, please click here  so that we can connect you with a health care professional who can assist you. If you are interested in case studies illustrating RigiScan® Plus test results and their meaning, please to go to the manufacturer’s web site.

RigiScan Plus Instrument

More about RigiScan®

The RigiScan® Plus Rigidity Assessment System is an ambulatory data logging unit that measures and records penile rigidity and tumescence. This data can help healthcare professionals differentiate between psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction which helps direct the initial treatment plan toward either counseling or medical management. If medical management is indicated, data from RigiScan® testing can help health care professionals decide whether pills, injections, or medical devices are the most appropriate treatment options.

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