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Penile atrophy is common in men following the surgical treatment for prostate cancer and most men lose up to an inch of penile length and substantial penile girth following surgery1. The probable cause is the disruption of nerve function and blood supply to the penis, which leads to significant decrease in nocturnal penile erectile activity.

Erectile dysfunction is also common following surgery for prostate cancer. The cause of this ED is thought to be temporary nerve dysfunction caused by the surgery itself. This nerve dysfunction can last a long time and it can take 18 to 24 months before a man knows how much erectile function will return.

The good news is that there are steps men can take to minimize or prevent these problems.  Vacuum Therapy Systems (VTS) are external devices that can be used to create an erection even if the man’s nerves are not yet functioning. These devices are cleared by the FDA and are often used for 5 to 10 minutes every day as part of a “penile rehabilitation” program. Use of the VTS has been shown to reduce the risk of loss of penile length and girth and encourage the earlier restoration of sexual function1. In addition, the use of the VTS has been shown to prevent permanent damage to the penis, which can include penile shrinkage and veno-occlusive dysfunction. Use of a Vacuum Therapy System may also help preserve structure and function of the components of the penis associated with erectile function2. Click here to learn more about the Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System.

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The Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System® is the only medical grade vacuum device that has been designed and developed in the last decade. It incorporates design insights and product improvements gained through years of direct contact with thousands of patients using vacuum devices.

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