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Gesiva Medical, LLC was formed in 2014 by our founder who had almost three decades of direct patient care experience and six intensive years of caring for patients and their partners who were suffering from a variety of different types of sexual dysfunctions. It was through that experience that our founder realized that most men and women suffer sexual dysfunctions in silence.  In fact, most men and women have little to any significant formal education on the topics of sexual health, the role lifestyle can play in sexual health, and the treatment options for different male and female sexual dysfunctions.

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After hearing from a countless number of patients who struggled with sexual health for “years” or “longer than I can remember”, our founder decided that Gesiva Medical would be formed specifically to improve the lives of patients and partners suffering from a spectrum of sexual health concerns including erectile dysfunction (ED), erectile dysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer, female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD), premature ejaculation (PE), and penile dissatisfaction (i.e. concerns about the size or appearance of a man’s penis).

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Gesiva Medical is a small specialty company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells medical devices and diagnostic instruments that are tailored to address the unique needs of urologists and their patients. We are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and adhere to the same Good Manufacturing Practices used by the most respected medical device manufacturers in the World. As a result, our customer can be assured that every member of the Gesiva Medical team is dedicated to quality and innovation and we strive every day to deliver proven resources that consistently meet or exceed industry standards, the expectations of leading health care professionals, and the needs of the patients we serve.



Our first solution is education! We believe that, with the appropriate amount of education and support, patients and their partners can make informed decisions about their sexual wellness. We typically work in concert with urologists and other Health Care Professionals such as Physician’s Assistants (PA’s) or Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) who are specialists in sexual medicine. Our interactions with patients typically take place in a medical office under the supervision of the Health Care Professional but we are also able to work directly with individual patients over the phone or in larger group settings such as Prostate Cancer Survivor’s meetings. The venues are flexible but the core belief is not; education will help the patient and the partner better understand the underlying problem and the different treatment options that are available through the Health Care Professional. If you are looking for more information on male or female sexual dysfunction, please make an appointment to see your Health Care Professional or contact us at 866-34-GESIVA (866-344-3748).


In addition to patient education, Gesiva Medical provides Health Care Professionals with diagnostic support whenever possible. At this time, there are no known empirical diagnostic tests to provide a quantitative evaluation of female sexual function but there are two different tests that can be administered to men to determine if they are capable of having erections that are adequate for intercourse. The first of such tests is conducted using an inexpensive, disposable, over the counter (OTC) medical device known as Snap*Gauge®. It might surprise you to know that most healthy men will experience 3-6 erections each evening. These erections are thought to be the body’s way of keeping the tissues inside the penis healthy. The Snap*Gauge® is a soft band that is wrapped around the flaccid (non-erect) penis before a man goes to bed. The Snap*Gauge® has three different filaments inside and these filaments break at different levels of force. If the man experiences a nocturnal erection, the intensity of that erection can be estimated based upon how many filaments are broken.  Because the Snap*Gauge® is a simple, inexpensive over the counter test, it is not intended to diagnose any specific medical condition. Rather, the Snap*Gauge® test will give the patient a simple estimate of the intensity of nocturnal erectile activity which may be helpful in determining whether further evaluation is warranted. If you have questions or would like to order the Snap*Gauge®, please contact us at 866-34-GESIVA (866-344-3748). If further evaluation of erectile function is indicated, Gesiva Medical can assist Health Care Professionals with more formal diagnostic testing, including the use of the RigiScan® Rigidity Assessment System which allows for measurement of the frequency, rigidity and duration of a man’s erections. RigiScan testing may be conducted in the comfort of a patient’s home, in a sleep lab, or in a Health Care Professional’s office and the data collected during testing can be useful when evaluating and treating a man’s erectile dysfunction. Please note that RigiScan is a prescription diagnostic instrument, and Federal law restricts the device to sale by or on order of a properly licensed Health Care Professional. Please contact us at 866-34-GESIVA (866-344-3748) if you would like to be connected to a Health Care Professional with RigiScan testing capabilities in your area.

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Viagra what? Viagra has nothing on this for performance. I have a heart condition and had to have a pacemaker. So Viagra is not an option anymore.
Shanondoia J
Gesiva is the definition of professionalism and reliability. As a medical practice, we are fortunate to have our choice of product distributors. Gesiva is the only one we trust because their products are far superior to anything else on the market, and they are highly reliable. Gesiva’s customer service is also superb as they cater to all the needs of patients and providers. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.
Jon S
Gesiva Medical is my GO TO source for vacuum erection devices that i prescribe to my patients. The personalized but private, in-home telemedical instruction and service that is provided by Gesive Medical to ensure that my patients understand how the device works is critical to the success my patients have with this form of therapy. Although there are many competing vacuum erection devices, Gesiva Medical offers a premium quality product and i have heard very good feedback from my patients to date. Gesiva Medical is an excellent therapeutic partner to my practice, always ensuring ample supply of patient information and streamlining patient access to their service from the point of my recommendation for this form of therapy to the my patient's acquisition and use of it. I give Gesiva Medical my highest recommendation.
aaron S
I recently dealt with the folks at Gesiva over a broken piece of a larger apparatus. Without hesitation, they honored my request and the warranty and said they would have the piece in the mail that same day. Now that’s customer service!! Thanks, Gesiva.
Brian A
I have nothing but great things to say about Gesiva. They have helped every time I have asked for help. I would recommend them highly! I am glad they are there for me!
John P

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